Hybrid apps and mobile development

Hybrid apps and mobile development

When it comes to spending money on mobile application development without your own internal resource, it is generally a rather short thought process.

The immediate hesitance is cost. The reason for this is due to the nature of the mobile phone market. Just covering the major manufacturers and operating systems, already you are in for 3 seperate application developments, and, because this is a very specialised area of development, the skills do not come cheap.

Lets do an exercise, say you have a relatively complex application that needs to be developed and the cost for development on the iOS platform is R50 000. Now, you need to make sure your customers who use Android and Windows Phone devices are afforded the same oppotunities as the Apple master race, suddenly your development is upwards of R150 000.

This will also now create a source code management issue as there are 3 seperate code bases being maintained and not necessarily by the same organisation as not every mobile development company has a skill in all the platforms' native languages.

This whole situation seems insurmountable for the smaller organisations who want to a piece of the mobile application pie... How is it possible for a company to get mobile without having to sell their family on the Deep Web? (not a legitimate option, please)

Enter, Cordova!

Suddenly, R150 000 turns into R50 000 and the development timeline is more than halved!

The world of hybrid mobile applications has changed the entire development landscape and now offers the opportunity for companies and developers alike to get involved in the mobile application space.

Using one base of code in languages that are easily understood by most developers, you are now able to turn applications around quickly, efficiently and maintain the professional, native and sexy feel of a mobile application as if it was developed specifically for the platform being used.

Suddenly, R150 000 turns into R50 000 and the development timeline is more than halved! Maintenance is a cinch as there is only 1 base of code. Debugging, no sweat. All the emulators you need are provided. Unless you are making the next SnapChat or Instagram, there really is no need to go the native language route.

appstage. is able to provide you with all the development skill required to get your application out there, from development to marketplace distribution. You no longer have to shudder at the thought of developing an iPhone application!

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